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In November 2016, Cisco discovered a critical failure with the clock signal component manufactured by a third-party supplier. This critical failure will cause devices to stop passing traffic after approximately 18 months in service. The failure will manifest similar to a Denial of Service attack.

According to Cisco, "once the component has failed, the system will stop functioning, will not boot, and is not recoverable." Given this, it's critical that you stay ahead of the component failure by replacing any devices in production before the 18 month window has arrived.

While this failure isn't specific to Cisco-branded equipment, it is the only manufacturer who has publicly identified the problematic components exist in their equipment. As new manufacturers release their included product lists, we will update this page in a timely fashion. To be alerted of new devices discovered, fill out the form below.

Verify Your Devices

Either way, it's best to double check your devices. Here's how, for the manufacturers who have announced their devices include the component.


There are two ways to verify if your Cisco devices are infected are not, both of which require the version identification number of your hardware. If you are able to physically access the devices easily, check the barcode tag and look for "PID VID." The last three digits are the verison identification number, and should be VXX (example: V02). To check them remotely, SSH to your device and issue the "show inventory" command. This will return a string similar to below, with the "VID" being your version identification number. Compare your version identification number to the infected VIDs in the table above.

NAME: "Primary ASA", DESCR: "ASA5506W"


Meraki has made it very easy to tell if your MX84 or MS350 is infected with the problematic signal clock component. If you log into your Cisco Meraki dashboard, and hover over 'Help' on the left side, you'll see a new option: "Replacement Info." This new subsection will list any impacted devices in all of your networks. If you're an MSP with multiple organizations, you will need to complete these steps for each organization.

Meraki Dashboard Screenshot

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